Information About Programming a Computer

Before jumping and starting to learn a programming language, it will be useful if you understand what programming is and how it works, including some programming terminologies.


A computer in itself is just a useless box. It is nothing more than a set of different hardware elements assembled in a single unit. At this point, these material elements, together or individually, do not work. It’s as good as a car that has been assembled. Can the vehicle be used without fuel? In the same way, it is necessary to supply fuel to the computer, in this case, its electricity (although there are some types of mechanical computers, here we talk about electrical machines). A laptop at this point is mostly just a large group of small electronic switches that turn on or off. It is now as good as a car with enough fuel and can be driven, but there is no driver to drive.

Information About Programming a Computer


Computer programming commonly known as programming or coding is the art of making a computer do what you want it to do. Programming in straightforward terms is about writing programs. A sequence of instructions written to perform a specific task for a computer is commonly referred to as a program, but it is also called a software program or even a computer program. A network that is just hardware requires instructions to act.


These instructions are executed in the calculation CPU.  So, why do we need a computer just because we know how to solve a problem and also ask a network to do it for us, but we can not do it with the speed and precision with which a computer can do it? Do what? We are tired and bored of doing the same job over and over again, but the computer can do the same work a billion times with the same speed and accuracy as the first without getting bored or tired.


We can take a simple example of calculating the sum of all even numbers from 1 to 1,000,000. It is not something we can not do, but the time it takes to figure, the possibility of making an error at a given time, the number of resources needed if we use a pencil and a paper or calculate the machine, and other similar reasons make it in an undesirable option. Also, what happens if we have to figure again and again between different sets of numbers? It is difficult humanly. But when writing a program, we can achieve it in less than 5 minutes. At the same time, we can continue running the same program again and again to do any number of calculations, and we can also get accurate results in seconds.

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The critical point here is that computers do not speak English. Since a network is a machine, it only understands two fundamental concepts: on and off. The idea of activation and deactivation is called binary system with a representation of 1 and a value equal to 0. Therefore, the computer only knows a language of type 0 and one commonly called binary.